Practice Guide for

Adapted from Ron Miller's Advanced Improv Practice Guide.

Before starting your daily practice routine, read and seriously consider the following:

Daily affirmations

  1. How fortunate I am that in this life I am one who has been allowed to create beauty with music.
  2. It is my responsibility to create peace, beauty, and love with music.

I will be kind to myself

  2. No matter my level of development in music, how good or bad I think I am, it is only music and I am a beautiful person.
  3. I will not compare myself with my colleagues. If they do music beautifully, I will enjoy it and be thankful and proud that I live in fellowship with them.
  4. There will always be someone with more abilities in music than my own as there will be those with less.

Reasons to do music

  1. To contribute to the world's spiritual growth.
  2. To contribute to my own self-discovery and spiritual growth.
  3. To pay homage to all the great practitioners of music, past and present, who have added beauty to the world.

Rid your self of the following reasons for being a practitioner of music

  1. to create self-esteem
  2. to be "hip"
  3. to manipulate
  4. to get rich or famous